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Blackout 2003

Panorama of Toronto skyline during the blackout of 2003

The skyline sits dark during the great blackout of 2003. ¬†Conspicuously lit are buildings with emergency backup generators and diesel-powered boats in the inner harbour. ¬†Not for sale, this image was photographed with a faulty camera and is provided here for interest’s sake only. Items of interest: ¬†Toronto during blackout File size:¬†¬†3838×1127 File depth:¬† 8-bit […]


Kayaker on ice, daylight panorama of Toronto skyline

A kayaker sits on an ice shelf during the spring breakup of 2003. Items of interest:  kayaker, ferry Ongiara File size:  13556×1524 File depth:  8-bit Colour space:  sRGB