G20 Twilight

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline on eve of G20 summit

It’s June 25, 2010, and Toronto is on the eve of the 2010 G20 summit. ¬†As the city collectively holds its breath, marine security restrictions leave the inner harbour completely empty, unheard of for a Friday evening in the summertime. ¬†Clocking in at well over 100 Megapixels, this panorama not only captures a unique moment […]

Even Keel Sunrise

Early sunrise panorama of Toronto skyline with perfect harbour reflection

Almost an hour before a March sunrise, this high-resolution panorama features a near-perfect harbour reflection and a completely cloudless sky. Items of interest: almost-perfect harbour reflection File size: ¬†15072×5424 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB

City of Lights IV

High resolution twilight panorama of Toronto skyline

Photographed in November of 2010, this panorama of Toronto’s skyline features an empty inner harbour on a completely cloudless evening, with a perfect balance between the city’s lights and the darkening fall sky. Items of interest: ¬†perfectly calm, totally empty inner harbour, cloudless File size:¬†¬†20000√ó5100 File depth:¬†¬†16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB