Empty Spaces

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline at night

Photographed during one of the larger building booms in recent history, over twenty sky cranes are visible in this panorama, each one a new building in progress. Items of interest: almost perfect harbour reflection, over twenty sky cranes on the horizon File size: 16738√ó3266 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

Almost Glass

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline at night with clouds

Painterly clouds give this high resolution panorama of the Toronto skyline a unique effect, while motion in the inner harbour helps to obscure the city’s reflection, leaving more compositional space. Items of interest: ¬†painterly clouds, no harbour reflection File size: 13850√ó3134 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

Earth Hour 2008

Before and after skyline panoramas of Toronto Earth Hour 2008

A study in contrasts: ¬†the skyline goes dark for Earth Hour in 2008. ¬†Despite the additional cloud cover in the lower image, the ambient light is comparable across both images, showing just how many people turned out the lights for the event. ¬†These panoramas are available together or as single files. Items of interest: before-and-after […]

One Foggy Night

Toronto skyline in dense fog high resolution panorama

The Toronto skyline disappears into a dense fog. Items of interest: almost-perfect harbour reflection File size:  10293*3254 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB

Mischievous Cloudbank

High resolution panorama of fog enveloping the Toronto skyline

A spontaneous cloud, recently formed over the entire lakefront, drifts north and envelopes the Toronto skyline. Items of interest: low-lying cloudbank, fog File size: ¬†7783×1960 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB