12-24 Megapixels

Cloud Chamber

Aircraft trails over Toronto skyline at night

Aircraft lights compete with star trails over the Toronto skyline at night, as seen from the crumbling eastern gap. Items of interest: crumbling eastern gap, aircraft and star trails File size:  5616×3744 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB


Space shuttle Discovery and ISS over Toronto skyline

Appearing out of orbital twilight, space shuttle Discovery soars over the Toronto skyline after undocking from the International Space Station on her final orbit ever before being decommissioned and sent to the Smithsonian Institution for permanent display. Items of interest: International Space Station and space shuttle Discovery, frozen inner harbour File size:¬†¬†4965√ó3310 File depth:¬† 16-bit […]

1830 to the City

Ferry Ongiara long exposure in front of Toronto skyline

The ferry Ongiara streaks toward the Toronto skyline in this early 2011 long exposure. Items of interest: ferry Ongiara long exposure, frozen inner harbour. File size:¬†¬†5616×3744 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB

End of the Road

Crumbling eastern gap and Toronto skyline at night

The crumbling breakwall that forms Toronto’s eastern gap frames the skyline in this early-2011 image. Items of interest: crumbling eastern gap, snow-covered inner harbour File size: ¬†5616×3744 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB

City of Lights II

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline at twilight with harbour reflection

A Skylines of Toronto classic. ¬†Photographed in mid-January, the inner harbour is perfectly calm and ready to freeze, as dense and still as water can get. ¬†With extra vertical overhead, this panorama can be cropped to fit any aspect ratio. Items of interest: ¬†perfectly calm inner harbour, extra vertical height File size: ¬†5891×2975 File depth:¬† […]

Mischievous Cloudbank

High resolution panorama of fog enveloping the Toronto skyline

A spontaneous cloud, recently formed over the entire lakefront, drifts north and envelopes the Toronto skyline. Items of interest: low-lying cloudbank, fog File size: ¬†7783×1960 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB


Kayaker on ice, daylight panorama of Toronto skyline

A kayaker sits on an ice shelf during the spring breakup of 2003. Items of interest:  kayaker, ferry Ongiara File size:  13556×1524 File depth:  8-bit Colour space:  sRGB