June Twilight

Ultra high-resolution panorama of the Toronto skyline in June 2016

The lights of solstice come out in this ultra-high resolution panorama. ¬†Over 8000 pixels tall and with less water, this framing gives your composition maximum resolution of the CN Tower, Rogers Center, and downtown core. Items of interest: ¬†perfectly clear sky, less water for maximum building resolution. File size: ¬†46608×8406 File depth: ¬†16-bit Colour space: […]

July Twilight

Ultra high resolution panorama of 2015 Toronto skyline on a beautiful July night.

The sky glows in beautiful July hues as the sun sets over the iconic 2015 Toronto skyline. ¬†The first of a new series of ultra-high resolution panoramas, this image clocks in at over 160 megapixels. Items of interest: ¬†massive 160 megapixel resolution, open dome. File size: 21542×8075 File depth: 16-bit. Colour space: Adobe RGB.

Solstice Sunset

High resolution panorama of summer solstice twilight over skyline of Toronto

Twilight settles over the Toronto skyline on summer solstice, the longest day of the year. ¬†Photographed during the civic strike of 2009, the inner harbour is completely devoid of the ferry boats that service the Toronto Islands during high season. At well over 100 Megapixels, this panorama can be extensively cropped to fit any project. […]

G20 Twilight

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline on eve of G20 summit

It’s June 25, 2010, and Toronto is on the eve of the 2010 G20 summit. ¬†As the city collectively holds its breath, marine security restrictions leave the inner harbour completely empty, unheard of for a Friday evening in the summertime. ¬†Clocking in at well over 100 Megapixels, this panorama not only captures a unique moment […]

One Foggy Night

Toronto skyline in dense fog high resolution panorama

The Toronto skyline disappears into a dense fog. Items of interest: almost-perfect harbour reflection File size:  10293*3254 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB

Blackout 2003

Panorama of Toronto skyline during the blackout of 2003

The skyline sits dark during the great blackout of 2003. ¬†Conspicuously lit are buildings with emergency backup generators and diesel-powered boats in the inner harbour. ¬†Not for sale, this image was photographed with a faulty camera and is provided here for interest’s sake only. Items of interest: ¬†Toronto during blackout File size:¬†¬†3838×1127 File depth:¬† 8-bit […]

Mischievous Cloudbank

High resolution panorama of fog enveloping the Toronto skyline

A spontaneous cloud, recently formed over the entire lakefront, drifts north and envelopes the Toronto skyline. Items of interest: low-lying cloudbank, fog File size: ¬†7783×1960 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB