Golden Horseshoe

Ultra high-resolution panorama of golden Toronto skyline.

The skyline glows in the golden hues of fall 2017. Items of interest:  low-lying cloud layer, golden hues. File size: 47275×8338 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

June Twilight

Ultra high-resolution panorama of the Toronto skyline in June 2016

The lights of solstice come out in this ultra-high resolution panorama.  Over 8000 pixels tall and with less water, this framing gives your composition maximum resolution of the CN Tower, Rogers Center, and downtown core. Items of interest:  perfectly clear sky, less water for maximum building resolution. File size:  46608×8406 File depth:  16-bit Colour space: […]

March Twilight 2016

Ultra high resolution panorama of the twilight Toronto skyline in March 2016.

A dead calm settles over the Toronto skyline in this ultra-high resolution panorama.  The late sunset/early twilight hues make this a truly exceptional print. Items of interest: almost-perfect reflection, gorgeous sunset hues, intriguing cloud arc. File size:  28122×8468 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB

Earth Hour 2016

Ultra high resolution panorama of the Toronto skyline during Earth Hour 2016

The skyline glows deceptively bright during Earth Hour 2016.  Of note is the lack of almost all logos as corporations shut their lights off between 8:30 and 9:30p.  Of particular note is the Trump logo still burning brightly, while Scotiabank, CIBC, CBC, Toronto Star, the CN Tower, the Skydome (Rogers Center) and many others have […]

July Twilight

Ultra high resolution panorama of 2015 Toronto skyline on a beautiful July night.

The sky glows in beautiful July hues as the sun sets over the iconic 2015 Toronto skyline.  The first of a new series of ultra-high resolution panoramas, this image clocks in at over 160 megapixels. Items of interest:  massive 160 megapixel resolution, open dome. File size: 21542×8075 File depth: 16-bit. Colour space: Adobe RGB.

Bollard Lift

The lights come out over the City of Toronto in this dramatic motion time-lapse, transitioning from day to night. Items of interest: perfect transition from day to night. Timelapse length:  26 seconds Original capture:  1 hour, 30 minutes Codec:  Apple ProRes 4:4:4 Resolution:  Full HD

Toronto Iceline 2015

High resolution panorama of 2015 Toronto skyline over perfectly frozen inner harbour.

 A gloriously clear January day frames almost-perfect black ice covering the inner harbour, reflecting the Toronto skyline in this high resolution 2015 panorama.  Click image to view larger. Items of interest: skyline reflection in almost perfect black ice. File size: 18904×5353 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

Toronto Earth Hour 2012

Toronto Earth Hour 2012 high resolution panorama

The Toronto skyline dims almost imperceptibly during Earth Hour 2012.  Compared to a regular night, the obvious changes are an unlit CN Tower and Dome, and a conspicuous lack of corporate logos in the downtown core. Items of interest: Earth Hour 2012 File size:  12981×4393 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB

Golden Hour I

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline during sunrise twilight.

The brightening eastern sky lends lovely pastel hues to this ~90-megapixel panorama of the Toronto skyline, photographed before sunrise in October of 2011.  A myriad of sky cranes can be seen along the skyline, steadily moving eastward.  The relative openness of the Port Lands as seen here will change dramatically in the next few years. […]

Empty Spaces

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline at night

Photographed during one of the larger building booms in recent history, over twenty sky cranes are visible in this panorama, each one a new building in progress. Items of interest: almost perfect harbour reflection, over twenty sky cranes on the horizon File size: 16738×3266 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

Rorschach Twilight

High resolution Toronto skyline panorama at night with clouds and freezing inner harbour

The Toronto skyline takes on a life of its own in this dramatic panorama.  The inner harbour is beginning to freeze, and scattered ice plays with the near-perfect reflection.  Clouds roll past overhead lit from the city below, partially obscuring the CN Tower.  At over 120 megapixels, this panorama not only shows another side of […]

Earth Hour 2008

Before and after skyline panoramas of Toronto Earth Hour 2008

A study in contrasts:  the skyline goes dark for Earth Hour in 2008.  Despite the additional cloud cover in the lower image, the ambient light is comparable across both images, showing just how many people turned out the lights for the event.  These panoramas are available together or as single files. Items of interest: before-and-after […]

Even Keel Sunrise

Early sunrise panorama of Toronto skyline with perfect harbour reflection

Almost an hour before a March sunrise, this high-resolution panorama features a near-perfect harbour reflection and a completely cloudless sky. Items of interest: almost-perfect harbour reflection File size:  15072×5424 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB

City of Lights II

High resolution panorama of Toronto skyline at twilight with harbour reflection

A Skylines of Toronto classic.  Photographed in mid-January, the inner harbour is perfectly calm and ready to freeze, as dense and still as water can get.  With extra vertical overhead, this panorama can be cropped to fit any aspect ratio. Items of interest:  perfectly calm inner harbour, extra vertical height File size:  5891×2975 File depth:  […]

City of Lights IV

High resolution twilight panorama of Toronto skyline

Photographed in November of 2010, this panorama of Toronto’s skyline features an empty inner harbour on a completely cloudless evening, with a perfect balance between the city’s lights and the darkening fall sky. Items of interest:  perfectly calm, totally empty inner harbour, cloudless File size:  20000×5100 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB