Toronto Iceline 2015

High resolution panorama of 2015 Toronto skyline over perfectly frozen inner harbour.

 A gloriously clear January day frames almost-perfect black ice covering the inner harbour, reflecting the Toronto skyline in this high resolution 2015 panorama.  Click image to view larger. Items of interest: skyline reflection in almost perfect black ice. File size: 18904×5353 File depth: 16-bit Colour space: Adobe RGB

February Iceline

Twilight Toronto skyline over a frozen ice inner harbour

    The Toronto skyline begins to glow as twilight settles over the record-setting winter of 2014. ¬†Almost 30″ thick in some places, the inner harbour has been frozen solid since December.   Items of interest: completely frozen inner harbour File size: ¬†13797×4464 File depth:¬† 16-bit Colour space:¬†¬†Adobe RGB

IR Skyline

Infrared panorama of the Toronto skyline in winter

An unusual take on the Toronto skyline in winter, this panorama shows off early morning light in the eerie light of infrared, a spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye. Items of interest: infrared view of the Toronto skyline in winter, broken inner harbour ice, low resolution File size: 4517√ó1375 File depth: 8-bit grayscale […]

Rorschach Twilight

High resolution Toronto skyline panorama at night with clouds and freezing inner harbour

The Toronto skyline takes on a life of its own in this dramatic panorama. ¬†The inner harbour is beginning to freeze, and scattered ice plays with the near-perfect reflection. ¬†Clouds roll past overhead lit from the city below, partially obscuring the CN Tower. ¬†At over 120 megapixels, this panorama not only shows another side of […]

Black Ice Twilight

High resolution twilight panorama of Toronto skyline with frozen inner harbour

The Toronto skyline begins to glow against the setting sun in this wintertime panorama, the inner harbour is frozen solid with black ice swept clear of snow by high winds. Items of interest:  frozen, snowless, inner harbour File size:  14173×4313 File depth:  16-bit Colour space:  Adobe RGB


Kayaker on ice, daylight panorama of Toronto skyline

A kayaker sits on an ice shelf during the spring breakup of 2003. Items of interest:  kayaker, ferry Ongiara File size:  13556×1524 File depth:  8-bit Colour space:  sRGB