Timelapse HD

Bollard Lift

The lights come out over the City of Toronto in this dramatic motion time-lapse, transitioning from day to night. Items of interest: perfect transition from day to night. Timelapse length:  26 seconds Original capture:  1 hour, 30 minutes Codec:  Apple ProRes 4:4:4 Resolution:  Full HD

The Longest Night

Full HD twilight aircraft trail timelapse over Toronto skyline

The crumbling eastern gap frames this dramatic 5 1/2 hour timelapse, as air traffic over the Toronto skyline competes with the stars on a perfectly cloudless night. Items of interest: rare star trails, aircraft trails, boat trails, eastern gap Timelapse length: ¬†1 minute, 10 seconds Original capture: ¬†5 hours, 30 minutes Codec: ¬†Apple ProRes 4:4:4 […]