Getting Started

Skylines of Toronto stocks a lot of imagery, here we make it easy to get started finding what you’re after.

We have several basic categorizations that all of our skylines are oganized into, such as type of light, type of layout, season, file size, etc.  These can all be found in the sidebar of all pages.  Some notes on layout:

    • Panorama. ¬†Our raison d’√™tre, with ultra-wide fields of view and extremely high-resolutions in the 120-Megapixel range.
    • Landscape. ¬†Traditional 4×6 format, wide.
    • Portrait. ¬†Traditional 4×6 format, tall.
    • Timelapse HD. ¬†Timelapse video file, 1920×1080 pixels.
    • Timelapse 4K. ¬†Timelapse video file, full aperture 4K, 4096×3112 pixels. ¬†(Coming soon)


Just Jump To It
If you simply don’t have the time, here are some of our suggestions:

Before and after skyline panoramas of Toronto Earth Hour 2008

Above:  a panoramic comparison of Earth Hour 2008, before and after.

All Categories
Below are all of our current categorizations, in handy table format:

Skyline Categorizations
Light Layout Seasons Phenomenon
Daylight Panorama Spring Fog
Twilight (Sunset) Landscape Summer Ice
Twilight (Sunrise) Portrait Winter Reflections
Timelapse HD Fall Art
Timelapse 4K People


Skyline Categorizations
Sizes Years
0-12 Megapixels 2003
12-24 Megapixels 2004
24-36 Megapixels 2005
36-48 Megapixels 2006
48-60 Megapixels 2007
60-72 Megapixels 2008
72-84 Megapixels 2009
84-96 Megapixels 2010
96-108 Megapixels 2011
108-120 Megapixels 2012
 156-168 Megapixels 2013
168-192 Megapixels 2014
192-216 Megapixels 2015
216-240 Megapixels 2016
240-300 Megapixels 2017
300-400 Megapixels 2018