Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to some of the more frequent questions that we get asked here at Skylines of Toronto:

1. ¬†All of your images look the same! ¬†What’s going on?

Skylines of Toronto is geared to a professional mix of industry, graphic designers, photo editors, and the like. ¬†When preparing a composition or a page layout, people usually have fairly strict requirements of what they’re looking for. ¬†Designers might want specific tonalities in the sky, developers might need to have imagery before a certain building was built. ¬†Photo editors might need to see snow in the foreground. ¬†Running an image 53′ down the length of a tractor-trailer is all about maximum resolution. ¬†If you look closely, you can actually see Toronto’s evolution over time in our imagery. ¬†That’s what we’re all about: ¬†providing that exacting detail to match your professional requirements.

2.  How do you deliver your files?

Our files are delivered electronically, via FTP. ¬†If your system can’t handle larger files, we can arrange delivery via CD or DVD.

3.  What types of payment do you accept?

Current we only accept payment via PayPal. Cheques will have to be cleared before files can be delivered, substantially adding to wait times.

Toronto skyline in dense fog high resolution panoramaAbove:  the Toronto skyline gets sandwiched between clouds and a low-lying fog bank.